620 Mattison Ave.
Asbury Park, NJ 07712



Sat-Sun 8a-3p

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Located in Asbury Park, DJ'S sets the precedent for local dining, while remaining a   welcoming destination for our summer visitors.

DJ graduated from one of the top culinary institutes in New York. He served as Executive Chef at the Flo Jean Restaurant for many years. He re-located to New Jersey in 1998 and decided to take a career in the medical field working as a Quality Control Specialist. During this time he started a catering business on the side. After some time his catering business exploded and he decided to leave the medical field and once again pursue his true passion.

In 2010 DJ took his love for food and attention to detail and opened DJ’s Delights in beautiful downtown Asbury Park. After a very successful first year he expanded by obtaining the business space next door and breaking through the wall and opening a dining room. He also installed a full kitchen enabling him to create a full menu and serve dinners.

DJ and Ron love to entertain, so you will feel right at home here. For them it is about connecting with people, learning people’s names and treating them like family. One of the greatest compliments they ever received was from a gentleman that said “ I tell everyone thats going to DJ’s is like having dinner at a friend’s house.”

So stop on in and see for yourself, hang up your coat, sit at our table and eat with us!


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Asbury Tower is home to many long-term and equally underserved residents of Asbury Park. In an effort to provide nutritious, well-cooked meals to an otherwise neglected segment of the population, DJ and Ron have opened DJ's Asbury Tower. Located conveniently in the loWER LEVEL of the Tower itself, at 1701 Ocean Ave. in Asbury Park, NJ 07712, DJ serves breakfast and lunches tailored to the residents budgets and dietary restrictions. 


 PICTURED: DJ Presto and Patricia Yorizzo serving up lunchtime realness at DJ's Delights in Asbury Park

PICTURED: DJ Presto and Patricia Yorizzo serving up lunchtime realness at DJ's Delights in Asbury Park



Soon after opening DJ’s Delights, a deli in the New Jersey shore town of Asbury Park, co-owners Ron Wendolowski and DJ Presto realized they needed to upgrade kitchen equipment. And they figured they could easily get a small business loan of about $6,000 dollars to do that.

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